Hello world! Let’s spread the glow.

Welcome to my blog.


Kimmarie – Founder of SkinGlow by Kimmarie

For a few years now, I have dedicated myself to the search for maintaining my skin’s natural beauty and glow. This search has consumed my time, as I tried product after product, skin care system after skin care system. My journey was not only time consuming, but pretty expensive as well. I did not spare my family from my experiences either. They can surely tell you all about these ventures of mine.

With so many products and skin care systems to choose from, it can be a very challenging decision for most people who want to take care of their skin… and even when money is of no object, time and schedule can be deterrents. How do you manage a program that is visible on your skin when you have functions to attend and still have to live your daily life and meet people from all walks of life? You cannot very well be under bandages all the time. And you certainly cannot take months on end off as you test out new systems.

I literally put my career on the back burner in favor of my research into skin care and beauty systems. It has not been easy. But it has been quite rewarding. No day goes by without a complement on how great my skin looks and feels. I smile, and think to myself “If only they knew what went into that…” and then…I share my knowledge on what works for me.

Now,it is time I to share what I have learned with the world. Indeed, Hello world! Let’s spread the glow.

In the coming weeks, I will share with you some of my trials, as I take you on a journey with me to discover some of Mother Nature’s wonders that compliments every one of us!!

Welcome everyone, around the globe!! My blog. Enjoy

Sincerely, Kimmarie