Ori Shea Butter

The Shea Tree

Ori Shea Butter comes from the nuts of the Shea Nut Tree.

Ori Shea Butter is the 100% all-natural, organic, and unprocessed extract from the shea nut tree. It has innate healing and protective qualities that will help you enhance the beauty of your skin and make your skin glow naturally.

In Hebrew, Ori means “My Light”. In Yoruba, Ori is a metaphysical concept that is translated in vernacular as “the Head”, as in the leader or the most authoritative principle. Ori is also used to identify the extracts from the shea nut tree in most of West Africa. In the US, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world, this extract is referred to as “shea butter”.

Commercially available shea butter is chemically extracted from the shea nut, and is further reduced in potency by the addition of other substances, which reduces the percentage of the extract in the product.

Ori Shea Butter is different from commercially available shea butter in that it is

2 oz Jar of Ori Shea Butter

Ori Shea Butter enhances the beauty of your skin and makes your skin glow

not chemically extracted from the shea nut, which fact allows it to maintain its natural qualities. Ori Shea Butter from SkinGlow by Kimmarie, is not ‘cut’, chemically extracted or treated in any manner. It is the direct extract from the shea nut tree. It is made available as-is, complete with all its latent properties.

The uses for Ori Shea Butter are numerous. It can be used as a massage balm, sun screen as well as skin smoother. I have used Ori Shea Butter around my eyes, on my lips in lieu of a chapstick, and sometimes, when I feel like my skin is really dry, as a body cream.

it is important that before you commit to using Ori Shea Butter, you should test it out on your skin to see if you have any allergic reactions to it. So far, no one has told me that they have had any allergic reaction to Ori Shea Butter.

If you are absolutely in pursuit of enhancing the beauty of your skin, and you want your skin to have that natural skin glow, then you absolutely have to use Ori Shea Butter. Its effectiveness cannot be overstated. Simply put, it works.

During my pregnancy, I promised myself that I would not have any stretch marks after child birth. I knew from experience that shea butter was a good skin elasticizer. So, I dedicated myself to applying shea butter to my skin whenever it felt itchy. I only had access to the commercially available products which only had 20% shea nut extract. I used these products more than four to six times daily. After child birth, my mother and my friends were stunned at the absence of stretch marks on my body. I was really pleased with myself, thanks to shea butter with only 20% shea nut extract. At 100% Ori Shea Butter will not only prevent stretch marks on your skin, it will nourish and rejuvenate your skin as well.

The natural healing and protective qualities of Ori Shea Butter has earned it the title of Mother Nature’s wonder emollient. It will do wonders for the natural glow and beauty of your skin, like it has done for me.


2 Responses to Ori Shea Butter

  1. Onyedika Benson says:

    I cannot but only scream at the magic wonder of this nature’s gift.I kept wondering the secret of my girlfriend’s glowing skin until she told me it was the shea butter cream she uses.I just bought mine now,so i can also preach the wonder of this free n priceless gift of nature via my radiating skin too.

    • SkinGlow by Kimmarie says:

      Thank you for sharing, Onye. We feel as you do. Check out our store for our product line. Unlike other retailers, we have preserved the integrity of the emollient. There are zero additives to our product, and we have presented it in a package that complements the beauty of the emollient.

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